March 21, 2022

Ask Margaret - My Kid Hates Getting Their Hair Washed!

Bath time can be a fun-time splash-o-rama or it can be a tantrum-fest. So what do we do when it's the latter and our kids absolutely refuse to get their hair washed? Like, “scream and cry” refuse? Margaret takes us to the tub this week with bath time tips that ease kids fears.

Water + soap + wriggly bodies = a giant puddle on the bathroom floor! And that's when the kids LIKE taking baths. What if they absolutely dread it?

This this week's question comes from Lauren on our Facebook page:

Tips for a 4 year old who legit PANICS about getting his hair washed. How can we make this better? At this point we are washing his hair like once a month because it’s so bad. It seems like he will randomly be somewhat ok with it, but 99% of the time he panic-screams and it’s really sad. I have a dry wash cloth so that he can keep the water out of his face, and I try to have him too his head back so the water won’t get in his face, but he still flips out.

My husband thinks that we need to wash his hair MORE frequently - like every other day - so that it doesn’t seem like such an unusual event and will become part of his routine. Thoughts?

When you've got a kid who hates bath time it's time to put on your detective hat. What is it about the bath that your kid is reacting to? The smell of the shampoo? Getting water dumped on their head? Being tipped backward?

Have conversations with your kid in and out of the tub about what is making bath time hard and then make adjustments (for example, a strong grip on your child's shoulder may ease their fear of tipping backwards) and soon you'll be able to say - bath time? Solved it!

Margaret cites this article by Alisha Grogan for Here's a Method to Help Kids That Hate Hair Washing

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