Podcasts offer a longer, deeper connection with their audiences than any banner ad or fifteen-second LOL video on Facebook can provide. That’s why we’ve taken the audiences that we’ve built over the last two decades and brought them with us to this exciting new format.

The mothers (and fathers) who listen to our podcast become part of our community. They listen to us in their kitchens, their cars, and while standing behind the fence at those grueling Little League double-headers. They laugh. They talk back – on Facebook, on Twitter, on our website.

We tell them about websites and books and products that really work for us as parents, and they listen. Podcast hosts offer a deep connection to their listeners: 5% or fewer listeners skip the ads.

Our episodes are evergreen: we purposely choose topics that are relevant to parents on an ongoing basis. Sponsors of those episodes accrue new listens for months.

We offer preroll and midroll promotions as well as sponsored posts on our website. To request a copy of our sponsorship kit, or to request a proposal specific to your product, email us at info@whatfreshhellpodcast.com.