Sept. 27, 2017

Pets - Worst Idea Ever?

Should your family get a pet? No. In this episode we elaborate why in such detail that you will vow never to cave to your child's pet demands. If it's too late for you, we understand: we've got a cat, a dog, and a fish. Do as we say, not as we do.

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Should your family get a pet? Heavens, no. Take it from two extremely reluctant pet owners of the cat, dog, and fish variety.

 Okay, pets have upsides: their cute little faces. Their tolerating humiliating headdresses. But there are downsides as well, and in this episode we elaborate them for you in enough detail that you will vow never, ever to cave to your children’s demands for a pet.

 Barring that, we hope you will at least consult our extremely useful Pet Matrix in order to balance your future pet’s fun-to-hassle ratio.


 In this episode we discuss


 why getting a pet will not, despite popular sentiment, make an animal lover out of you if you’re not one already

 why you should or should not let your kids pick the pet’s name

 how you, once you have a pet, will either travel less, travel differently, or have to find a relative with “pet bandwidth”

 why you shouldn’t get a hamster cause you can’t handle a dog

 why birds are an absolutely not


 Here’s some useful links for further reading on the topic:

 from Lifehacker: Where To Start When You’ve Decided You Want a Dog (first step: “Make sure you’re sure.”)

from PetFinder: How Much a Dog Costs Per Year

from The Orlando Sentinel: Study Says Cats Would Kill You If They Were Bigger

Are you a doting pet owner? A absolutely not-er? A slowly-being-beaten-down-by-clamoring-children holdout? Tell us in the comments!


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