May 22, 2019

Making Big Changes as a Family (with guest Jill Krause)

Have you ever considered homeschooling the kids and traveling for a year? Has your job ever forced a cross-country move? We talk making big changes as a family with guest Jill Krause, who spent a year with 4 kids in an RV and lived to tell the tale.

Have you ever considered selling the house, homeschooling the kids, and traveling for a year? Has a job or life change ever thrust a cross-country move, or other radical change, upon your family? Does the very notion strike terror in your heart? 

In this episode, we discuss how to prepare for— and make— big changes as a family. Change feels huger and scarier when you have kids, in part because routine and structure and familiarity are the things that kids crave, and need in order to survive.

But our guest Jill Krause argues that structure, routine, and family togetherness can be found in all sorts of places. Jill’s Happy Loud Life YouTube channel has chronicled the travels of her family of six as they spent the last sixteen months touring the United States in an RV. With— you read that right— four children. Including a toddler.

So nobody is saying radical change is easy. If it were, there’d be no point in undergoing it. But change is possible. And it doesn’t always mean permanent. What “change” means, in fact, is entirely up to you and your family.

Here’s links to writing on this topic that we discuss in this episode:

I Miss You When I Blink, Mary Laura Philpott’s terrific new memoir on giving yourself permission to change

Carl Richards for NYT: Hesitant to Make That Big Life Change? Permission Granted  Helping Children Adjust to a Move

Peaceful Parent Institute - Helping Children Adjust to Change

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