Sept. 10, 2021

Fresh Take: Kate Anthony on Doing Divorce Right

Divorce can be amicable, even if your breakup (or marriage) was not. Guest Kate Anthony explains how to make the decision to stay or to go, how to move past the anger, and how to put kids at the center of your co-parenting, but never in the middle.

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Kate Anthony is the host of the critically acclaimed and New York Times recommended podcast The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast and the creator of the online coaching program Should I Stay or Should I Go?which helps women make the most difficult decision of their lives using coaching tools, relationship education, geeky neuroscience, community support, and deep self-work. 

In this episode, we discuss

  • what should go into decision-making about whether to stay or to go
  • how divorce can be amicable, even if the breakup (or the marriage) was not
  • whether "conscious uncoupling" is actually achievable
  • how to put kids at the center of our co-parenting (but not in the middle)
  • when to start dating post-divorce (and when to let them meet the kids)

You can find Kate at and on Facebook and Instagram.

You can Subscribe to The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast on iTunes here, and join her private Facebook group here.

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