City versus country (versus the great strip-mall in-between): where’s the best place to raise your kids? Amy hashes it out with guest host Meagan Francis, founder of the Life Listened podcast network and co-host of The Mom Hour, one of the top parenting podcasts on iTunes! 

For the other half of this Host Swap, our very own Margaret Ables is talking Regional Parenting Differences with The Mom Hour’s Sarah Powers this week. Give it a listen in your podcast app or right here:

If The Mom Hour isn’t on your podcast subscription list yet, it’s about to be!

In our own What Fresh Hell episode, Amy and Meagan discuss differences between big-city and small-town living like:

  • kids’ sports
  • academics
  • diversity
  • independence
  • culture
  • peer-led play time
  • minivans with trunks
  • high school interviews
  • friendships
  • basements, the lack thereof being perhaps the largest drawback of city parenting life. As Andrew Cotto put it in the New York Times:


…any movement is mitigated by the fact that we have neighbors downstairs who don’t want to live below the circus. “Please stop jumping” is the sentence I repeat more than any other while at home.

Where are you raising your kids… and does it have more benefits or drawbacks? Tell us in the comments!


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