Back to school: while some psychologists say we parents must “maintain a positive attitude about summer ending,” we say the end of summer sucks for all concerned and we might as well admit it.

Do you try to impose some order on the countdown to school in your house? Or do you just run hard until the night before and take the pain all at once? As the first back-to-school photos creep into our Facebook feeds, these are the questions we are here to answer.


In this episode we discuss:
  • back to school shopping
  • the batching of unpleasantness (haircuts, dentist appointments) into those last precious moments of freedom
  • all the summer reading and math sheets our kids haven’t done yet
  • how we really better start moving bedtime a little earlier now
  • and the one great upside: the return of “Mom office hours”
Here’s some links to resources discussed in this episode:

How are you managing the back-to-school transition? Join us on our Facebook page and show us your happy (or not so much) back-to-schoolers!

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