Birthday parties: must we really? Every kid, every year? Can we skip the goody bags? Can we ban slumber parties now and forever? Is it possible to spend less than four figures on a fete for a four-year-old?

In this episode we discuss ways to make birthday parties easier:

  • stopping “The Great Crap Exchange” (Margaret will die on this hill)
  • how to manage size of your guest list
  • the right budget for a party  (with special dispensation for parties in the winter)
  • the crucial-ness of the backup activity
  • how Etsy can make your kid’s party Pinterest-worthy for less than a trip to Party City

In the end, it’s Mom’s loving effort that will be remembered more than the result. Right? Amy sure hopes so, because this is the LEGO birthday cake she made for her 8-year-old (stop laughing)


and here is the Lightning McQueen cake Margaret made once (SHOW OFF).

Here’s some interesting/helpful/horrifying links to further reading on this topic:

Thanks to everyone who entered our SmartyPants Vitamins giveaway on our Facebook page! Your birthday party worsts were truly horrible- so bad we turned them all into haikus.  In addition to featuring them in this episode,  we’ll be sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram over the next two weeks, with identities obscured to protect the innocent.

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