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Episode 6: Chores


This week we’re talking about chores: do you make your kids do them? If so– how much, how frequently, and do they get paid for their troubles?

Experts say that kids’ chores are worthy in and of themselves, teaching kids things like teamwork and self-esteem. In other words, it may be worth the extra effort to wheedle your kids into loading the dishwasher, rather than just doing it yourself (even if that is WAY faster).

But in a recent survey of one thousand American adults, while 82% of them said they did chores growing up, only 28% said they make their kids do them. Time to put those wee moochers to work!

In this episode, we discuss
  • how to overcome the many obstacles between assigned chores and done chores
  • the power of branding. Who wouldn’t want to attend a “super fun laundry party”?
  • chores any kid will get into doing (relatively speaking)
  • when pay-for-play chores are a good thing
  • how to let go of the perfect in order to give our kids more ownership

Here’s some helpful (or funny, or both) links:

How do chores work in your family?
Are your preschoolers lugging firewood?
Are your teenagers doing light household repairs? or anything at all? And does their allowance depend on it?
Tell us in the comments- we’d love to hear from you.
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  1. Hi! My husband and I have three boys (11,7,4) and we were struggling with the chore and allowance issues as well. We tried a few different methods but ultimately decided to just build our own app system. We made it easy for parents and are working on making it like a video game for our boys. We incorporated the best parts of chore charts, behavior boards and allowance systems but made them easy, modern and fun. That was our solution and we hope it will be a great solution for other families.

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