What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood

a podcast with Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson

Episode 1: Your Picky Eater

Welcome to the podcast!


Whether you call it “picky eating,” “restricted eating,” or as some pediatricians like to call it, “avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder” (ARFID)— if you’ve got more than one kid, chances are you’ve got a kid whose acceptable foodstuffs can be counted on one hand.

We’ve each dealt with a picky eater at home. Amy’s teenager has pretty much outgrown it; Margaret’s still in the thick of it with her grade schooler. So we know from picky eating, and in this episode, we discuss

  • why picky eaters are NOT the result of bad parenting
  • why almost every kid suddenly becomes a picky eater at about the age of two
  • why picky eating can eventually get better on its own… but why we say you still gotta force the issue a little
  • how to get the daily dinnertime battle for control under control
  • how getting the picky eater motivated to solve the problem may be the quickest path to progress


If you have a picky eater, it’s not your fault. Leave the guilt behind and get to work! It takes time, it takes baby steps— but in this episode you’ll hear lots of ways to get started.

Here’s some of the studies and other links we reference in the episode:

  • a study in the journal Pediatrics suggesting a link between picky eating and other emotional issues, like anxiety and depression. Their results suggest that if your child’s picky eating is moderate or worse, intervention is important:



Episode 2: Helping or Helicoptering


  1. My best defense raising 5 children was never to tell them food has a name. Whatever was on the plate was the meal, take it or leave it, and I only got caught once when at a relative’s home my son asked for more trees (broccoli).

  2. Kristy

    Oh my word! Just started listening to your podcast and I’m hooked. This episode on picky eaters made me feel like I wasn’t the only Mom with a picky eater. My daughter would live off blueberries and yogurt and how dare you try to get her to eat a chicken nugget! Thank you for your down to earth advice.

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